Department of Surgery

Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital

Sher-e-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207


1. Faculty Information:

Name Position Full or part time Qualification (FCPS or equivalent) Teaching experience Post-fellowship Research experience
Dissertation Thesis Publication
Dr. SM Amjad Hossain Professor Full time FCPS 23 yrs 41 07 16
Dr. PK Saha Associate Professor Full time MS, DMIS, FMAS 23 yrs 01 18
Dr. Md. Mustafizur Rahman Associate Professor Full time FCPS, MRCS FMAS 15 yrs 05 15
Dr. Jahangir Alam Associate Professor Full time FCPS 25 yrs 01 10
Dr. Quamrul Akter Sanju Assistant Professor Full time FCPS 07 yrs 01 01 01
Dr. Deen Muhammad Assistant Professor Full time FCPS 15 yrs 01 04
Dr. Md. Emrul Hasan Khan Assistant Professor Full time FCPS 04 yrs 01 04
Dr.Abdullah Al Mamun Assistant Professor Full time FCPS, MRCS 08 yrs 04 05
Dr. Syed Masud Reza Assistant Professor Full time FCPS 03 yrs 01 04
Dr. Farhad Uddin Ahmed Junior Consultant Full time FCPS 06 yrs 01 01
Dr. Hasan Shahriar Kollol Junior Consultant Full time FCPS 01 yr 01 01
Dr. Krishna Pada Saha Junior Consultant Full time FCPS 01 yr 01 01


1.1: Academic staff record:

Is the selection of academic staff through properly constituted body:        Yes

Contractual or other type of appointment:       None

Is the teaching organized in units? If yes give composition:                5 units

Number of units functioning;        5(Five)

1.2  Academic Staff Work Load ( As percent of total working hours)

                   Events             Percent of Total Hours
Inpatient care 24 Hours
Round One & half hours
On call frequency 24 hours
Emergency attendance Once a week
Teaching Lecture- 1 hour, Indoor round- 1.5 hours, outdoor- 4.5 hours


1.3    No. of Teaching and service unit:-    5 units

1.4     No. of beds in each teaching/service unit:    Non-paying 20+ including extra beds Paying 10+

2. Teaching information:

Type Number Accomodation

(No. of students)

Name of

audio video aids

Class room 06 Lec- 200, tutorial- 40 Microphone,

Sound system,

Multimedia with screen



White board & marker

Seminar room 03 100
Conference room 02 250 (college),

300 (hospital)

Student’s common room 02 200 for medical college
Doctor’s club 01 For working & trainee



3. Enrollment of trainees per session:

Process of selection of trainees or candidates Initial screening

Followed by interview

Details of the rotation with

Duration in each

6 months


4. Expected no. of operations & procedures to be performed by a trainee:

Name of procedure Under supervision Independently
Major operation                   25                     00
Minor operation                   20                     50
Lymph node biopsy                   02                     05
True-cut needle biopsy                   02                     05
SPC                   02                     05
Colostomy bag placing                   01                    10
Proctoscopy                   05                    20
Drain tube fixation                   02                    10


5. Teaching /training schedule:

Category Hours per month Process Frequency daily/


Related subject clinic  Interactive  
Tutorial 12 hours Discussion  
Bed side teaching & rounds 40 hours Clinical  
OPD 12 hours Audiovisual  
Lecture 4 hours Audiovisual  
Journal review 4 hours Audiovisual  
Seminar/symposium 4 hours Audiovisual  
Clinics 12 hours Clinical discussion  
Clinical audit 6 hours Clinical discussion  
Death review 4 hours Clinical discussion  
Clinico-pathological conference 2 hours Audiovisual  
Radiology conference 1 hour Audiovisual  
Research review 4 hours Audiovisual  
Pathological specimen seminar 2 hours Audiovisual  
Related basic science 8 hours Audiovisual  


6. Common investigation/ Procedure facility:

Events Facility available
Radiology-x ray, USG, CT,MRI Yes
Basic biochemistry-electrolytes etc Yes
Microbiology- C/S, immunological tests yes
Pathology- Clinical pathology, Histopathology, Cytopathology

Haematology, Bone marrow study

Others- Endoscopy, Echo, Mammography Yes


Operation procedure and diagnostic facilities to be detailed according to the requirements of curriculum.

7. Trainees clinical involvement:

Events Frequency (day/week)
OPD care 2 days/week
Admission process Inpatient care 2 days/week
History taking 6 days/week
Follow up Daily
At emergency Daily
At OT 2 days/week
ICU Not applicable
CCU Not applicable
Post-operative care Daily


8. Trainees Academic Involvement:

Events Percentage
Lecture 75%
Tutorial 80%
Group discussion 95%
Bed side teaching

(time, duration, frequency)

1.5 hours/3 days/week
Teaching at OT
Any organized course
Research 50%
Publications College journal published by Teachers’


Journal club 75%
Seminar 75%


Dept. of Surgery Statistics: