History Behind the Establishment of


In 6 May 2006 Country’s 14th govt. medical college Shaheed Suhrawrdy Medical College Previously Begum Khaleda Zia Medical College was established. Hundred enterprising sprint were admitted with the mission of humanitarian service. When a father stands in front of them for a bag to blood for his bedridden son, the were unable to turn him back. They donated blood immediately with a smile.

We applied to Sandhani Central committee. Sabbir Vai of our Medical College first took initiative to establish our Sandhani Unit.

23 June 2007, 26th half yearly meeting of Sandhari Central meeting:

At the agenda of new medical college unit opening after long waiting Begum Khaleda Zia Medical College gets approval to operate as 18th Unit of Sandhani.

27th March 2008, our first full committee was formed under supervision of central committee of which Tanvir Via was the President, Sabbir Via was the vice President & Istiaq Via was the general secretary.

Because of the name of our medical college being changed in 2009. We given recognition of continuing our activities as Sandhani Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Unit at 3rd monthly meeting of 2009-10 executive counsil of Sandhani central committee.

Today Sandhani Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Unit has entered its 9th year, working relentlessly for a smile in the face of suffering souls.


Founder Member of Sandhani Shaheed Suhrawardy

Medical College Unit:

Dr. K M Istiaq Sayeed

Dr. Md. Anayet Karim Majumder

Dr. Md. Mehedi Hasan

Dr. Md. Jakaria Mustafa

Dr. Tanvir Rahman

Dr. Md. Shorifuddin Hasnat

Dr. Md. Sabbin Ahmmed

Dr. Reyed Motalib Seyam

Dr. Md. Habibur Rahman


Of those Worthy leadership for which

Sandhani Shaheed uhrawardy

Medical College Unit is at this stage:

Executive Committee President General secretary
2007-08 Dr. Tanvir Rahman Dr. K.M. Istiaq Sayeed
2008-09 Dr. K.M. Istiaq Sayeed Dr. Mehedi Hasan
2009-10 Dr. Md. Anayet Karim Majumder Dr. Dipalok Banik
2010-11 Dr. Sayed Mohmud Ali Dr. Mohamudunabi Tonmy
2011-12 Dr. S.M. Ahsan Habib Dr. Samsul Arifin
2012-13 Dr. Sahriar Hossain Shanto Dr. Mustafizur Rahman Rupom
2013-14 Dr. J.M. Amjad Hossain Chowdhury. Dr. Gyanoboroto Shuvro
2014-15 Tanjid Hossain Ramesh Pattandar
2015-16 Md. Anayet Ullah Muhammad Mehedi Hasan



Our Achievement At Sandhani Central Committee


Executive Committee Contral Representative Central Post
2007-08 Dr. Habibur Rahman Member
2008-09 Dr. Md. Tanvir Rahman Member
2009-10 Dr. Md. Sabbir Ahmed Member
2010-11 Dr. Md. Maidul Islam Press & Publication Secretary
2011-12 Dr. Kazi Mahbub Office Secretary
2012-13 Dr. S.M. Ahsan Habib Asst. General Sectreary
2013-14 Dr. ABM Ferdus Rahman Prolex Finance Secretary
2014-15 Dr. Aminul Islam Shwon Organizing Secretary
2015-16 Dr. Protab Ray Finance Secretary



Sandhani Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College

Unit Executive Committee 15-16


Central Representative  :         Protap Roy

President                        :         Md. Anayet Ullah

Vice President                :         Md. Mominur Rahman

General Secretary          :         Muhammad Mehedi Hasan

Asst. General Secretary :        Mujaddid Rahman

Organizing Secretary     :          Seyam Ahsan

Finance Secretary          :         Ashik Reza Riyad

Joint Finance Secretary-1 :         Md. Mujahidul Islam Alauddin

Joint Finance Secretary-2 :      Pronoy Debnath

Student Welfare secretary:      Deepto Kaushik Howlader

Joint Student Welfare secretary: Jubayer Ibne Zaman

Patient Welfare secretary:        Shuvojyoti Samaddar

Joint Patient Welfare secretary: Shariyat Ullah Showrav

Joint Patient Welfare secretary: Shoyaib Rahman

Press & Publication secretary :         Bhipi Roy

Joint Press & Publication secretary: Sudeeepta Sen

Office Secretary                       : Aurnab Karim

Joint Office Secretary              : Firoz Mahmud

Education, Research & Statistics secretary: Md. Saleh Samiul

Joint Education, Research & Statistics secretary: Zerin Tarnim Himika

Donor Club Secretary             : Muktadir Adnan Aurnab

Executive member-1                : Arafat Tannum

Executive member-2                : Nayem Khan

Executive member-3                : Mohiuddin Manik Royal



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