Department of Gatroenterology

Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College &Hospital

 Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207.

Faculty members Group Photo (Teachers):


Department Overview

The Department of Gastroenterologyis one of the most essential departmentsof ShaheedSuhrawardy medical college serving the people suffering from gastroinetestinal, liver and pancreatic diseases.It  is enriched with highly qualified faculties, devoted  working residents and other ancillary stuffs  who are working  as a catenary team. The patientsare taken care of  by this department  both onindoor and outdoor basis. All modern equipment for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes of GI diseases are available in this department. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, ERCP, Double balloon endoscopy, Endosonography are done on regular basis. Gastroenterologicalpart of  Medicine for both undergraduate and post-graduate courses are taught by the teachers of this department. A number of researches on recent issues in gastroenterological problems are carried out by the faculties of  this department


Designation                                                                     Number

Professor                                                                                  01

Associate Professor                                                                01

Assistant Professor                                                                 02

Registrar                                                                                   01

Assistant Registrar                                                                  01

Medical officer                                                                          02

Staff pattern of the department



Since establishment, this department provides indoor and outdoor services regularly  in a comprehensive manner with the following staff-

Name of the post Number Name of the staff
Professor 01 Prof AHM Rowshon
Associate Professor 02 Dr. Sayeda Rahim

Dr. Mohammad Mahmuduzzaman

Assistant Professor 02 Dr. Dilip Kumar Ghosh

Dr. Mohammad EnamulKarim

Registrar 01 Dr. Md. AnisurRahman
Assistant Registrar 01 Dr. MdAlamgirHossain
Medical officer 01 Dr. Habib Ahmed


List of Teaching Stuff

Name Educational Qualification Designation
Prof. AHM Rowshon MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

MD (Gastroenterology)

Dr. Sayeda Rahim MBBS, MD (Gastroenterology) Associate


Dr. Mohammad Mahmuduzzaman MBBS, MD (Gastroenterology) Associate


Dr. Dilip Kumar Ghosh MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

MD (Gastroenterology)

Assistant  Professor
Dr. Mohammad EnamulKarim MBBS, FCPS (Medicine)

MD (Gastroenterology)

Assistant  Professor
Dr. Atiqul Islam FCPS (Medicine) Consultant
Dr. AnisurRahman MBBS, MD (Gastroenterology) Registrar
Dr. Habib Ahmed MBBS, MD (Gastroenterology) Medical Officer


List of Trainee

Name of the post Number Name of the trainee
Registrar/Assistant Registrar/ Medical Officer/Resident 04 DrAtiqul Islam

Dr. AnisurRahman

Dr. Habib Ahmed

Dr. AlamgirHossain

Honorary Medical Officer 01 Dr. Samira AfrozaRahman


Daily Activities in the Department

Department of Gastroenterology,ShaheedSuhrawardy Medical College & Hospital provides services to the patients with gastrointestinal, liver and pancreatic diseases. Out door services are available  and professors and consultants visit patients everyday.  A good number of patients are getting the indoor facilities as well. This Department tries to collaborate with other departments to providecomprehensive treatment facilities for the patients. We have excellent academic environment,well qualified experienced faculty members with all modern equipment. All the academic and clinical information of the department are recorded regularly. Our daily activities are as follows:

  • Outdoor patients are seen by the professors regularly on working days.
  • Regular indoor round for admitted patients.
  • Endoscopy and colonoscopy are done everyday from 9.00 am to 2.30 pm.
  • ERCP, Double Balloon Enteroscopy, Endosonography are done regularly.
  • Referred patients from all other departments and special academic cases are seen as and when refers to.
  • Academic activities such as seminar, journal club and case presentations are carried out on regular schedules.
  • Classes of theclinical students MBBS according to their academic calendar as per schedule.
  • Lecture classes for 5th year MBBS students are taken according to their academic calendar.
  • Lectures and clinical classes are taken daily for doctors who are getting post graduate students regularly.
  • Patients suffering from Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are followed up on schedule days.
  • Patients suffering from IBD and other critical gastrointestinal diseases are followed up regularly.

Outdoor patients profile of Gastroenterology Department, ShSMCHin 2015

The total number of outdoor patients attending in theDepartment of Gastroenterology have been increasing day by day. Most of the patients coming to this department from different areas of Dhaka city and also few from other parts of the country. Moreover, referred patients from departments of ShSMCH are also seen. In 2015 a total of  7355patients were given outdoor services.

Name of the month Number of patient
January 432
February 510
March 525
April 589
May 691
June 532
July 531
August 854
September 561
October 703
November 724
December 703
Total 7355


Indoor Patient Profile-2015

There are only 5  non-paying bed (3 for male & 2 for female) for the department of Gastroenterology in this hospital. Patients are also admitted in non paying extra bed on demand. Any number of patients may be admitted in paying bed or cabin if available. Last year,432  patients were managed. Moreover, referred patients from other departments of ShSMCH for different gastrointestinal problems  were managed. Inpatients profile are given below-

Name of the month Number of patient
January 25
February 31
March 39
April 47
May 46
June 36
July 24
August 43
September 51
October 39
November 31
December 20
Total 432


Diagnostic and therapeutic Procedure of Gastroenterology Department, ShSMCH in 2015

Name of the procedure Number of patient
Upper GI endoscopy 2728
Endoscopic Band ligation 405
Savary Gillard dilatation 15
Endoscopic foreign body removal 20
Oesophageal stenting 25
Pneumatic Balloon Dilatation 12
Endoscopic Polypectomy 111
Endoscopic Haemostasis 27
Full colonoscopy 529
Short colonoscopy 170
Colonoscopicpolypectomy 83
Double Balloon Enteroscopy 36
ERCP and intervention 49
Endosonogram 12
Therapeutic Endosonogram 05
Total 4227

Academic Activities:

a) Undergraduate teaching:

MBBS Students:

10 lectures were taken for the students of  5th year.

Bed side clinical teaching are carried out for the student of 4th and 5th year.

b) Postgraduate teaching:

FCPS part-II students

  • Dissertation
  • Evaluation
  • Case Presentation/Assessment
  • Lecture classes

c) Seminars in 2015:

i) Departmental:

  • Hepatitis B Virus- Management Update
  • Hepatitis C Virus- Management Update
  • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis- Recent update
  • Approach to a patient of obstructive jaundice
  • Difficulties in canulation in ERCP
  • Stenting in obstructive jaundice
  • Antithrombotic and Anticoagulant in GI procedures.
  • Indication of Ursodeoxycholic acid in Hepatobiliary disease
  • Update management of acute pancreatitis
  • Update management of chronic pancreatitis
  • Management of non cirrhotic portal hypertension
  • Recent update of management of Upper GI bleeding
  • Recent update of management of lower GI bleeding
  • Gastrointestinal causes of weight loss
  • Evaluation of patient suffering from malabsorption  syndrome
  • Approach to a patient of chronic diarrhea
  • Approach to a patient of chronic constipation
  • Approach to a patient of dysphagia
  • Approach to a patient of dyspepsia
  • Approach to a patient of vomiting
  • Recent update management of peptic ulcer disease
  • Update management of GI malignancy

ii) Central Seminar Presentation :

No Date Topic Presented by
01 03.09.2015 A 75 year old man with hepatosplenomegaly. Dr. Aminul Islam


iii) Central Journal Club presentation:

No Date Topic Presented by
01 03.09.2015 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in 2015: Published in World Journal of Hepatology, June 18, 2015. Dr. Mohammad EnamulKarim


iv) Central CME Presentation

No Topic Presented by
01 Approach to large group teaching Prof. AHM Rowshon
02 Diet Modification at Ramadan Dr. Dilip Kumar Ghosh


v) Presentation on Different Institution

No Topic Institution Presented by
01 Management update of Peptic Ulcer Disease BGS Prof. AHM Rowshon
02 Approach to a patient of Malabsoption Syndrome APB Prof. AHM Rowshon
03 Management of GI Disease in Pregnancy BGS Dr. Sayeda Rahim
04 Update Management of Hepatitis C Virus Khulna Medical College Prof. AHM Rowshon
05 Recent update of Peptic Ulcer Disease Jessore Medical College Prof. AHM Rowshon
06 Fecal Microbiota transplantation BGS Prof. AHM Rowshon
07 Human Gut Micorbiota BGS Dr. Dilip Kumar Ghosh


d) Journal club presentation in Department : Total -12.

e) Grand round in Department: Total-52.

 National activities:

  • International coeiliac Day – May 16, 2015
  • World IBD Day May 19 May, 2015
  • World Digestive Health Day—May 29, 2015
  • World Hepatitis Day July 28, 2015
  • World PBC Day – September 14, 2015
  • World Pancreatic Cancer Day- November 17, 2015

Facilities available in the department:

Regarding patients management the following facilities are available in department of Gastroenterology:

A) Diagnostic Procedure:

  1. Endoscopy of Upper of GIT
  2. Colonoscopy
  3. Double Balloon Enteroscopy
  4. Endosonogram

B) Therapeutic Procedures:

  1. Intervention by ERCP
  2. Endoscopic Band ligation
  3. Pneumatic Balloon Dilatation
  4. Savary Gillard Dilatation of Oesophagus
  5. Endoscopic polypectomy
  6. Endoscopic Haemostasis
  7. Colonoscopicpolypectomy
  8. Haemostasis by Double Balloon Enteroscopy
  9. Endoscopic foreign body removal

Future plans:

  1. Extension of facilities of interventional procedures.
  2. To establish this department as a center of excellence of both in academic and clinical aspect.
  3. To introduce an establish academic courses for manpower development in the field of Gastroenterology