Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Shaheed Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital

Sher-E-Bangla Nagar, Dhaka-1207.


List of the Teachers

Name Address Phone no.  
1.Dr.Farhana Dewan House no9, Road no 4, DOHS, Banani, Cantonment ,Dhaka 01711529022
2.Dr. Sharmin Rahman House 280,Road no9,BlockD,Basundhara R/A 01711637780
3..Dr. Fatema Ashraf House no 25, Road 3, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 01711855941
4.Dr. Roksana Ivy House no 214/2,North Shamoly ,Dhaka 01819223296
Associate Professors
1.Dr. Kamrunnessa House 10,Road 84,Gulshan 2 , Dhaka 01819306054
2.Dr.Fahmida khan House4-A2,Road 9,Dhanmondi,Dhaka 01727701935
3.Dr. Hazera Khatun House 5, Road 2, Banani 2, Dhaka 01711529768
4.Dr. Suraiya Ahmed Choudhury House 45,Road 26, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 01716132384
5.Dr.Afjalaunnessa House37-1B,Road no4,Dhanmondi, Dhaka 01711795728
6. Dr. Sabina Hussain Extension Pallabi,Mirpur 11, 01713009243
7. Dr. Munira Ferdousi House6,Road 15,section 4 ,uttara,Dhaka 01711467267
Assistant Professors
1.Anwara Begum 587,Noyatola ,Maghbazer, Dhaka 01711738592
2.Dr.Ashia khatun House2/Ga,Rizia baban, Nabab Habibullah Road,Shahbag.Dhaka 01711671358
3.Dr. Khairunnahar Fernsdale apartment1/4,Asad Avenue,Dhaka 01753264878
4.Dr.Menoka Ferdous 292,Noyatola,BoroMaghbazer,Dhaka 01713174751
5.Dr.Alpona Adhikary HD15,Gonovaban Quarter Shere –e- Bangla nagor,Dhaka 01716883918
6.Dr.Jinnat Ara Islam 2426,Doctors Quarter,Dhaka 01711184306
7.Dr. Kashefa Khatun 19/15,D5,Babar Road,mohammadpur,Dhaka   01818094848
8. Dr.Nilofar Yasmin NIO Quarter, 01819147555
9.Dr. Ishrat Jahan 15/c/2,Block F7,Mohammadpur,Dhaka 01816404650
10.Dr. Afroza Goni B1Naval Officer R/A Quarter, NHQ,Banani,Dhaka 01713332093
11.Dr.Jannat Ara Ferdous 453,Kazipara,Mirpur,Dhaka 01711665929
12.Dr.Jobaida Sultana House42,Road16,Sector14,Dhaka 01819250728
13. Dr.Rooh-E-Zakaria Green hamlet, Flat d12,23,Green Road,Dhanmondi,Dhaka -1205 01727701665
14.Dr. Naznin Rashid Sheuly House8, East Shawrapara, Mirpur, Dhaka 01818189717
15. Dr. Farzana Sohayel House-48, Flat-B-4, Evergreen Siraj, Road-8/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 01711812741
Senior Consultant
1. Dr. kawsera Begum 34, Babar Road, Mohammadpur ,Dhaka 01554342785
 Junior Consultant
1.  Dr. Fatema Mahbuba 130 C/2, Naem Road, Dhaka 1205 01716082333
2. Dr. Pervin Akhter Green Hemlet, FlatC -11,Road no23,Greenroad 01713452345
3. Dr.Hasina Begum B110,Lane8,New DOHS, Mahakhali, Dhaka 01711055004
4. Dr.Suraiya Bulbul 18/8 Tazmahal Road,Dhaka 01680041075
4. Dr.Jobaida Sultana BDDL Shamoly,3,HouseE3,Ringroad,Shamoly, 01716067689
5. Dr.Raunak Jahan FlatE2,Lauren Vista169,Elephant Road,Dhaka 01711582456
6. Dr. Serajoom Munira House no22,Navana Water Edege, Dhanmondi Road 32,Flat B1 01762034585
1. Dr. Shipra Halder 4/A NICVD, Doctor”s Quarter Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 01711180554
1.Dr. Sanjukta Choudhury House no3/4,Flat no 11c,Sheltech Kazi Mosharraf Tower,Mohadpur,Asad Ave,Dhaka 01723849109
2. Dr. Eva Rani Nandi House no-378,Flat no E-2,Hatirpul, Kalabagan,Dhaka-1205 01711176710
3. Dr. Farhana Parvin NHA Tower, Flat- 3, Lalmatia B Block, Dhaka 01673609485


Services Offered by the department


  1. 1. Provide ANC to the pregnant women.
  2. Diagnosis & treatment rendered to High risk cases
  3. Counseling for PPIUCD patients
  4. Provide PNC to the pregnant women
  5. Breastfeeding advice& lactation management corner
  6. All varieties of gynecological patients are treated.
  7. Maintaining Fetomaternal, Infertility, Oncology, Menopause clinics.
  8. Accessibility of screening tests like VIA and PAPS.
  9. .Family planning services referred by FWV
  10. All admissible patients are referred to indoor.


  1. Managing admitted patients.
  2. Providing Emergency Obstetric services
  3. Performing emergency caesarian and other emergency operations.
  4. Performing all major and minor Gynecological surgeries.
  5. Management of gynae oncological patients.
  6. Management of gynae Urological patients like VVF
  7. Management of infertility patients
  8. Performing routine major gynecological surgeries
  9. Performing Laparoscopic surgeries.
  10. Routine Follow up of the patients, multidisciplinary approach.
  11. Routine round of the head of the Unit for all admitted patients.
  12. ICU management of all critically ill patients
  13. Evening round for admitted patients by ON Call Consultants.

Academic services

  1. 1. Teaching services for 4th year, 5th year students in Lecture gallery by Professors.
  2. Bedside teaching of students in the ward by professors and consultants.
  3. Examinee batch remain entitled as block student for certain periods.
  4. Maintaining the attendance of the students placed in the ward
  5. Conducting exam of students like ward final, Block final and assessment examinations.
  6. Providing training for trainees of FCPS part 1and MS part 1.
  7. Conducting postgraduate exams like FCPS, MCPS in the ward.
  8. Performing journal club discussion and wkly central case presentation along with other disciplines.
  9. Performing international &national projects and individual research works.
  10. Arrangements of different workshops, seminars and CME programs.
Prof Farhana Dewan

Co Author

1. Clinical outcome Following induction of labour with misoprostol

J Shaheed Suhrawardy Med Coll Vol 6, No2,Dec 2014,page49-52,Pub 2015

2. Frequency and sociodemographic Charecteristics of Patients presented with Ovarian Tumour at a tertiary care hospital

J Shaheed Suhrawardy Med Coll,Vol-6,no2,Dec 2014,page 76-78,pub 2015

Prof. Dr. Fatema Ashraf:

Principal  Author

Case Report:

Van WyK Grumback Syndrome –A rare case report.

J of Current and Advance Medical Research pISSN 2313-447X, Jan 2015

Title Principal Author Co Author Name of Journals
Satisfaction of women with health service provider in outpatient dept, obs & gynae at a tertiary care hospital Dr. Ashia Khatun

Assistant Prof


Assistant prof

J Shaheed SuhrawardyMed Coll,Vol-6,no2,Dec 2014,page 79-81,pub 2015
Maternal outcome among the misoprostol induced term pregnant women Dr. Aftabtunnahar

Senior consultant

Dr.Ashia Khatun

Dr. Serajoom Munira Jr. Consultant

DR. Fatema Mahbuba Jr. Consultant

Dr. Afroza Goni

J Shaheed Suhrawardy Med Coll Vol 7,No1, June 2015


Cervical cancer screening on 1000 healthy asymptomatic women residing in slum of Bangladesh Dr.Munira Ferdousi Asso prof Dr.Fatema Ashraf Prof J Shaheed Suhrawardy Med Coll Vol 7 No1,June 2015
Clinical outcome Following induction of labour with misoprostol Dr.Serajoom munira  Prof Dr.Farhana Dewan

Asso  prof Dr.Sabina Hussain

Dr. Jubaida Sultana

J Shaheed Suhrawardy Med Coll Vol 6, No2,Dec 2014,page49-52,Pub 2015
Maternal mortality in Obs & Gynae in a tertiary care Hospital Dr. Kashefa Khatun J Mymensingh Med Coll,Jan 2015,VOL 4 No 1
Frequency and sociodemographic Charecteristics of Patients presented with Ovarian Tumour at a tertiary care hospital Dr. Rooh E-Zakaria(Assist prof) Prof Dr.Farhana Dewan


J Shaheed SuhrawardyMed Coll,Vol-6,no2,Dec 2014,page 76-78,pub 2015
Prediction of gestational age by last Menstrual Period (LMP) in Comparision to Ultrasonography(usg) Dr. Afroza Ghoni (Assist Prof) Dr. Aftabtunnahar

Dr. Ashia Khatun

Assistant Prof

J Shaheed SuhrawardyMed Coll,Vol-6,no2,Dec 2014,page 76-78,pub 2015
Correlation of Clinical presentation in Laparotomy findings and Histopathological Diagnosis of Total Abdominal Hysterectomy  

Dr.Fatema Mahbuba Jr. Consultant

Dr. Khairunnahar

Assistant prof

Dr. Ashia Khatun



Bangladesh Medical Review,Vol57,No-1,Jan-March 2015,page 8-12

Hypertriglycemia in pregnancy a rare case report Prof Dr.Roksana Ivy Vol 29, No 1, 2015 Bangladesh  Journal of Obs & Gynae
Caeserian delivery on maternal request-an obstetrical dilemma Dr.Anwara Begum

Assistant Prof

vol-32,no1,Jan 2015,official journal of BMA Comillah branch
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome(OHSS) in a spontaneous pregnancy A case report Dr. Anwara Begum Dr. Alpona Adhikary Vol-20, No2,July 2015

Bangladesh medical journal

Van WyK Grumback Syndrome –A rare case report Prof  Dr.Fatema Ashraf Dr.Eva Rani Nandi

Dr.Pervin Akhter

Dr. Nilofer Yasmin

J of Current and Advance Medical Research pISSN 2313-447X, Jan 2015

Ongoing Projects in 2015 

  1. FIGO PPICD project – 3 years duration

Deputy National Co-ordinator   – Prof. Farhana Dewan,

Facility Co-ordinator                   –  Dr. Fahmida Khan Lima, Associate Prof. ShSMCH

Deputy Facility Co-ordinator    –  Dr. Alpona Adhicary, Assistant Prof. ShSMCH

  1. “Safe Child Birth Check List” WHO Projects

Project Co-ordinator                   – Prof. Farhana Dewan

  • Fatema Ashraf

Project Facilitator                          – Dr. Anwara Begum

  • Alpona Adhikary
  • Jinnat Ara Islam

3. NBD (Neonatal Birth Defect) WHO, CRO, SEARO

Co-ordinator          – Prof. Farhana Dewan

Focal person            – Jannat Ara Ferdous

4. Tempostat: A low-cost self regulating for management of postpartum hemorrhage in low-resource setting in Bangladesh (with ICDDR,B. Started from 23th December-2004)

Co-ordinator           – Prof. Fatema Ashraf

Focal person            – Dr. Jinnat Ara Islam-Dr. Pervin Akhter

5. Health for Emergency Obstetric Blood Access: The impact of a digitalized blood availability information System in public Hospital in Bangladesh

Ongoing Research in 2015

  1. Carbetocin vs oxytocin in the active management of third stage of labour: a open label randomized control trial (Started from January, 2015)

Co-ordinator           – Prof. Fatema Ashraf

Focal person            – Dr. Nilofar Yasmin

– Dr. Pervin Akhter

  1. Role of Anti-mullerin Hormone in Polycytis Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) in patients with subfertility & evaluation of pregnancy outcome in ShSMCH

Principle Author     – Dr. Ashia Khatun

-Dr. Serajoom Munira

– Dr. Hasina Begum

Guide                         – Prof. Farhana Dewan

  1. Advanced Maternal Age and Its Association with Adverse pregnancy outcome:

Study done by         – Dr. Serajoom Munira, Jr. Consultant

-Dr. Ashia Khatun

Guide                         – Prof. Farhana Dewan

4. Research with ICDDRB

WHO safe childbirth checklist: An implementation study in selected public health facilities in Bangladesh

List of presentation and attendance in seminar and symphosium Home and Abroad

Prof Farhana Dewan


1.Myanmar Conference-2015

Date: 21st -22nd Feb

2.10th SAFOG Conference-2015

Country-Kathmundu, Nepal.  Date: 2-5 April 2015.

3. XXI FIGO Congress of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Country- Vancouver, Canada.

Date:4-9th October,2015


  1. Dissemination of Regional Meeting on WHO Clinical Practice Handbook for Safe Abortion

Venue: BIRDEM,  Date: 14th March 2015

  1. National Planning and Advocacy Workshop on long acting Reversible family Planning Methods: OGSB

Venue: OGSB Hospital &ICRCH

  1. Briefing session on PPH management Through Tampostat


  1. CME program on Placenta praevia:
  1. Observation Safe Motherhood Day:

Venue : OGSB Hospital 28th May

  1. CME program on preeclampsia and Eclampsia

Venue: OGSB at River research Institute of Faridpur

  1. Scientific seminar on Teaching Methodology

Venue: BSMMU, 17th May 2015

  1. Report on Gynaecological Laparoscopy Workshop:

Venue: OGSB hospital arranged by joint collaboration of OGSB & SAFOG

  1. Workshop on Gynaecologic Oncology

Venue: 10th &12 th Sept,2015,BSMMU

  1. Report of 42nd AGM &24th International Scientific Conference of OGSB

Venue: 25-27, 2015 at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Prof Fatema Ashraf:

12th SEA Regional Scientific Meeting of the International Epidemiological     Association 2015 IEA- SEACON 2015)

Title: Patient Empowerment: An effective Strategy to improve management of GDM

Prof Roksana  Ivy :

Presentation in Nepal:  Premature Ovarian Failure

10 th SAFOG 12 th NESOG Joint International Conference,2015

Dr. Ashia Khatun:  Training on Kangaroo mother  care

Date: 13-15 Feb,2016

Venue : Dhaka Shishu Hospital

Dr. Serajoom Munira: Training on Biostatistics

Venue: BMRC

Date:January 2015  for 15 days

Seminar and workshops of Gynae & Obs Depaertment:

  • PPIUCD workshop
  • Tampostat training workshop in ICCDDRB and Shaheed suhrawardy Medical College
  • Pre-eclampsia and IUGR workshop
  • Prophylaxis vaccine for pneumoccal infection in pregnant women
  • CME on CA Cervix

Venue :Hospital conference room

  • 42nd AGM and 24th International Scientific Conference of OGSB
  • Wkly central case presentation
  • Workshop on implant
  • Journal club presentations
  • Report on Gynaecological Workshop

Future plan:

  1. To develop the services & improve the quality service to the admitted patients.
  2. To improve the standard of the wards for admitted patients.
  3. To maintain strict aseptic measures in the operation theater and wards.
  4. to monitor the attendance of the trainee doctors.
  5. To ensure evening round by the senior doctors.
  6. To develop subspecialty in outdoor like Oncology, infertility, Fetomaternal unit.
  7. To develop a separate theater for laparoscopic surgery
  8. To develop a standard labour ward service.
  9. To initiate  DGO, FCPS & MS course

List of Trainees

Name Designation Post graduate training unit Mobile
Dr.Jasia Jannat Riffat IMO FCPS  part 1 GU-I 01716803404
Dr.Syeda farhana naznin IMO MS part 1 GU-I 01711448904
Dr.Mukta nath IMO FCPS part 1 GU-I 01712639243
Sharmin IMO FCPS part 1 GU-I 01720446980
Dr.Umme salma IMO FCPS part 1 GU-I 01912492143
Dr.Shorifa akter IMO FCPS part 1 GU- I 01755529192
Dr.Kaniz fatema IMO FCPS part 1 GU II 01712884031
Dr. Mehbuba Yasmin IMO FCPS part 1 GU II 01711579382
Dr. Ruma Nazneen IMO FCPS part 1 GU II 01716002754
Dr. Farzana Afroz IMO FCPS part 1 GU II 01716040907
Dr.Gulshan ara Akhter IMO FCPS part 1 GU II 01718230887
Dr.Mahbuba Akhter Jahan IMO FCPS part 1 GU-III 01735715521
Dr.Shahjadi Marium IMO FCPS part 1 GU-III 01720959797
Dr.Ismat Mannan IMO FCPS part 1 GU-III 01717577106
Dr. Shahnaj Parvin IMO FCPS part 1 GU-III 01712180401
Dr.Nusrat Nawrin IMO( Acting Registrar) FCPS  Part 1 GU-IV 01713036121
Dr. Nasrin Akhter Assistant Registrar FCPS  Part 1 GU-IV 01929624379
Dr.Sirajum Monira IMO FCPS  Part 1 GUI-V 01710878884
Dr. Suporna Pramanik IMO MS  Part 1 GU-IV 01711180554


Statistics of Obs & Gynae dept-2015

Total patients admitted 6493
Obstetrics pt Admitted 3528
Vaginal delivery 1024
LSCS 1533
APH                                105
PPH                                55
Eclampsia                                24
Conservative                                651
Gynaecological  Pt Admitted                                2965
Major operation                                1286
Minor operation                                1323
Conservative                                298
DOR                                121
DORB                                143
Referred                                 29
Death                                 11